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The Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an informal remote or in person meeting, usually held at the property. It usually takes around an hour and a half. We will arrive equipped with a selection of samples to get the discussion started.

The main aim of the meeting is to develop a brief, discussing the scope of the project along with details such as your preferred style and basic colour choices.

Small Print

After the consultation we write up our notes and prepare a document pack. This contains our terms and conditions, along with what we call a 'Letter of Engagement'. This is the formal part and is tailored to suit the particular needs of the project. It details exactly what you can expect from us.

The Project Begins

What happens next very much depends on your project. However, for the most, it will include the design of schemes and plans, along with a design presentation.

It may be that we start meetings with architects or appointed contractors, or that we begin sourcing, supplying and installing products. Every project we have done so far has been a little bit different!

Document Pack

Letter of Engagement

PDF | A4

This is perhaps the most important part of the document pack because it outlines the scope of the project. It is our proposal for services to be provided and includes our best guess at a timeline along with our next actions and pricing model.

It also has another important function. When signed and returned along with the 'Client Agreement', it is the formal go-ahead for us to begin working with you.

Client Agreement

PDF | A4

The 'Client Agreement' is our terms and conditions for your project. It covers the basic workings of the project, such as our ordering process and how we treat your data. It lays out the underlying framework for how we do business. This document, along with the 'Letter of Engagement' completes the formalities.

Design Pack



In interior design, a moodboard is a collection of images and samples used to convey the general design according to the brief. Our moodboards are printed on A3 card and along with concept images, contain samples of fabric and real paint swatches. One moodboard covers one connected space, often a room, but could equally be a hall, landing and stairs.



This is basically a shopping list and one is provided for every moodboard. It details price, quantity, dimensions and expected lead time.

If you prefer to supply your own products, it contains everything you need to complete the installation.



Some projects require the creation of floorplans to assist with the design. They can also be provided to showcase a proposed layout or a bespoke piece of furniture.

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